What people have experienced from the Integrity Program

Letters to Mary from her Clients

What people have experienced from the Integrity Program 

* Relief from self-sabotage

* Improved self-esteem    

* Awareness of authentic self  

* An alignment of one’s basic purpose    

* A full understanding of Integrity  

* Spiritual enlightenment  

* A revitalization of one’s life.  

* A new ability to set healthy boundaries  


Since starting the Ethics program with Mary I have experienced the following results: I have achieved a renewed understanding of my personal responsibility for ALL areas of my life. I discovered that when one fully and willingly reaches into a persistent problem area, the problem aspect of it goes away! An astonishing and ultimately simple truth!   I experienced 'rolling realizations' on my responsibility in the areas of communication, relationships and identity.   I experienced a huge increase in my ability to be present in any challenging situation as the Solver, not the Problem.   I have discovered the basic truth about my role in the creation and persistence of my problems and my ability to resolve them.   I understand how my willingness and ability to be present and accounted for is vital to my health, sanity and well-being.   The changes in my awareness are well worth noting, but I have realized that these changes are actually a return to my own basic viewpoint. That is a stupendous discovery!   My communication has improved greatly, with more focus on listening, and others have commented on it.   I learned how to take back my power by showing up powerfully as true self.   I have increased my ability to grant others their own beingness, and that has provided me with an enhanced degree of peace, generosity and awareness.    

I feel like I am in a position of power. I'm comfortable in the environment. Life is changing, and my wife confirms it all the time. I've handled the financial matters, and everything is happening the way we both wanted it to happen. We're very happy to be with each other. It's a new life for us and it's really wonderful. When an obstacle comes along I just fix it. These feel like permanent improvements as long as I remain vigilant and keep applying what I've learned, like being the Solver, which takes out the seriousness in playing the game. And I am enjoying it!   ~ VR