Integrity Program


This program is designed to put you in control of your life, according to your specific situation. In order to be ethical, you have to be consistent with yourself. This means you have to bring your actions into alignment with your true viewpoint. Your true viewpoint is that which is most closely aligned with who you really are. If you are doing something out of alignment with your own truth, you are compromising your integrity. If you don’t know what your real truth is, then the most ethical thing to do would be to find out.   

The purpose of this Integrity Program is to bring you into alignment with your highest concept of who you are. Once that is achieved, your natural inclinations and actions will be ethical and beneficial to your life.   

With your permission we will take you on a journey into your deeper sense of existence, exploring those vital issues, which need to be honestly viewed in order to be resolved. Together we will go in and shine your own light around, even into the dark corners where the trouble is coming from. Nothing is ever too scary when exposed to the light of honest investigation and careful scrutiny.   

When we discover and zoom in on the viewpoint that keeps working against you and we turn it around, it will be much easier and natural to rearrange the patterns and priorities in your life according to your true self and what you really want. Then we can get you going in the right direction and keep you working on it, with your full agreement and without the inner conflicts that were stopping or impeding your progress.